Hurrah for more pub quiz victory! (Glasgow edition) I rather like my handwriting. It’s all swirls and flourishes, and it has quiz benefits if, hem hem, your quizmaster can’t decipher what you’ve put. Q: What was the name of the French line of defence in World War One, which the Germans walked through without much trouble? We wracked our brains and couldn’t quite think of it, but somebody swore it was maginsomething, so I swirled ‘Magincourt’, knowing it was probably wrong, but it was worth a try, right? I’m sure you know the correct answer is Maginot, because you’re brainier than us, but thanks to my lovely script we were either given the benefit of the doubt or the benefit of the quizmaster’s myopia and were therefore marked correct and given two points.

We won the quiz by one point. Bottle of vodka collected. Much clapping. Then instant karma struck as we drew lots for the booze and it was taken home by a friend-of-a-friend cheesemonger, not part of our regular team, who hadn’t given us any answers we didn’t already know. Bah.