Last night in the pub we were discussing the Diversity Awareness yummy chocolate sweets, Vice Versas. From this we moved on to Scrollers and then Tasters, Cadburys attempt at rebranding Scrollers (no need, if you arsk me but hey, who is), when Tom Ewing of this parish spits out in disgust:

“UGH! Revels are the worst! You always get a bag full of the ones you don’t like, I HATE the strawberry!”

Cue the rest of the parishoners staring at Tom in confusement.

“Perhaps I hallucinated them”, he says.

We change the topic.

BUT TODAY IN TESCO I found for the first time ever, ALL NEU REVELS with a PINK BLOCK on the packet advertising a NEU MYSTERY FLAVOUR!

“Ir cannot be!!!”, I think.

But it is!! Revels have now kicked off a brand new flavour. So either Tom isn’t mad or HE HAS PREDICTED THE FUTURE. Not bad doings for a Monday, eh?