Its hard to do a picture thread without a picture, but as my Bread and Butter pudding was a companion to Chris’s squirrel I feel I need to post it. But a picture would say everything, when I turned up after a gnarly and damp journey I presented the party with a baking dish containing something very, very yellow. The pudding was half cooked; I thought I would finish it off around there, and the custard had been a touch thicker than planned (too much cream). Moreover the eggs were the brightest I had ever seen, leaving the custard a resultant virulent* strain of orangey-yellow. Like I say I do not have a picture, so you will have to make do with considerable less than a thousand words.

Imagine a bowl full of buttered bread in triangles. Over which someone has laid about eight Kraft cheese slices which they have then melted. I know that does not sound appetizing, but one the sugar went on and the caramelising happened, it was damn tasty. Now I just have to use eight egg whites…

*Tim suggests I should not use virulent in this manner, and in retrospect I tend to agree. However at the time it was the word I used and is being reported for journalistic accuracy.

Pumpkin Publog