Indie Chicken

(i’m such a bandwagon jumper (but also a fried chicken eater, so i couldn’t really turn down liz’s offer to join in))

#3 Favourite Chicken and Ribs, High Road, N15.

The problem with my journey back from the pub to my new house is that it’s about ten minutes longer than my previous journey, which is currently putting quite a strain on my bladder (I’m sure this will improve in time, I used to do the london-oxford trip and that was loads further). Anyway, this has led to me not really taking the time to properly sample my local fried chicken, but, in the name of indie chicken, I did so last night.

Unfortunately upon my request of “twopiecechickennchips please mate” I was informed that, in fact, they only had one piece of proper chicken left (this was just past 11, so not overly surprising). He tried to offer me some hot wings in compensation, but I’ve never really been a fan. However (possibly subliminally influenced by the name of the shop) I saw the three dark sticky blobs in the top of the cabinet and asked for the chicken and ribs combo. Possibly realising that he was stiffing me, he then charged me ‘2.49 rather than the advertised ‘3.49. I kind of realised why when I got home, as I reckon the ribs were probably 2 or 3 days old and had kind of melted into a big, overly sticky and sweet, far too chewy mess, and i’m normally quite partial to crappy chicken shop ribs. The sole remaining bit of chicken was also an oddity in that it was the bit with the breastbone in, rather than a leg or thigh, which meant it was a bit dry, and the chips were half old/half new. I think I caught them at a bad time though, my twopiecechickennchips the other week was prefectly acceptable, the service is very cheery and you get free mayo and lemon wipe sachets thingys, which is a step up from my old local indie chicken shop.

Frankly after the numerous pints of butcombe (and you can imagine the hilarity we had with that) in The Ship (FAP lies about the pork pies, THERE WERE NONE!!) any hot greasiness was welcome…