Great British Crisps

Newish wheeze from Walkers – crisps purporting to replicate the taste of ‘great British dinners’, very suitable for pubs where drinkers are missing said great dinners. Though if my table ever holds a baked ham as unpleasant as the Walkers variety I will hang my head in chefly shame.

Ham and mustard crisps were a real taste novelty a decade or so ago when Brannigans first arrived in boozers – a genuinely fiery crisp! Wow! They have set the standard for mustard-styled snacks – rather than compete Walkers have gone in the other direction and their “and mustard” is barely discernable. What you’re left with is a slightly sickly-sweet, greasy crisp with a hint of over-boiled ham: not enjoyable.

The beef and yorkshire pudding packet met with more approval. It’s very like Walkers Beef and Onion flavour, but there’s definitely something bready in there too. Halfway through it struck us – the crisps taste exactly like Fray Bentos pies! Once I’d realised this I munched my remaining share with great pleasure.