I was just going to have a frozen pizza. It was late after all. But then the “frozen pizza wretchedness” overcame me so I went for the store cupboard instead. Hmm, I though. Lentils and butter? I put the lentils on and head for the butter, knowing that in ten minutes I would have something comforting.

Then I saw the carrot. It got chopped and sprinkled in. And half a sorry looking red pepper. Spark up another ring and get that flaming. Suddenly it all seemed a bit more complex. A bit of onion, garlic and a couple of well chopped mushrooms might also help. The onions, mushies and garlic got lightly sauteed in butter till golden and mushy, this got dumped in the lentils which was stirred until it all became a moist, sloppy mess.

Flatmate’s dying basil got one last hurrah. Ripped leaves sprinkled in the mush, a big hunka hunka melting butter and in the bowl. A few mouthfuls confirmed that it was indeed nice, but was more of a pate than anything else. So I toasted some bread and got down to the business of watching Love And Death. Ten minutes, and better than any frozen pizza.

I really, really have no leftovers now though.