KIDNEYS = feted by joyce, annoyingly fiddly to prepare, unspoilable
SKIN = crackling!!
TONGUE = does anyone cook their own these days? you never see it on sale raw: cold tongue = called PRESSED tongue in the olden days
HEART = good strong taste but hard to cook so it’s not chewy
LIVER = actually my favourite but easy to spoil by overcooking, when it goes grey and gravelly
LIGHTS = lungs i think: inside of a haggis anyway (with liver and heart)
SAUSAGEMEAT = Ears, lips, anus! = you’d think it wd go lower down but NO!! (mrs beeton has a recipe for “pig’s face” which is kinda unminced sausage i guess)
STOMACH: ie what goes outside the haggis except surely these days this is no longer actually a stomach
GIBLETS = boiled up for gravies usually
SWEETBREADS = pancreas & thymus, a legendary delicacy (but i never had it)
“SWEETBREADS” = euphemistic testicles (ditto)
BRAINS: my mum says she does an excellent “brains in butter” but she has never served it to me: “saveloy” is in fact a corruption of the word “cerebellum” but i don’t think they are made from brains any more
EYES = i am squeamish abt brains but this is beyond my limit i think
GIZZARDS = ile’s Lucy ie Madchen_In_Uniform has a horrible story abt buying tinned gizzards by mistake and opening them by even bigger mistake!!
PIZZLEMEAT: apart from that german cannibal guy, who the hell knows? he said not that nice but he undercooked his (his guest’s i mean) cz the other guy wz in a “hurry”