Bérubé – an academic w.a fairly good grasp of pop culture AND left politics – is often a little full of himself, but i think this compare/contrast of nader’s raiders and (us) clashfans works a strong jump-point from the hidden reactionary impulse in altrock to the ditto ditto in altpol (and then takes it beyond a bit too) —-> (and plus also to be fair for once to the auld sods, the clash also come across much better in this tale than all their “we’ll never play ToTP” posturing uk-side)

(the ultimate redux of the line he is picking at = “the best is the enemy of the good” = what lenin called an infantile disorder except “adolescent” wd have been more accurate except teenagers hadn’t been invented back then)

(by tipping-point year 1968, when Teen had not only been invented but established itself as the primary altaudience in culture AND politics, the disorder manifests as a deep secret fear of winning, bcz – radlib boomers wd tell theirselves – to win in this world you had to be corrupt)