I am the Dutch football team of pub quizzes.

Now and again, on my fairly infrequent trips to pub quizzes, the team I’ve been playing for has tied for first place. Hurrah! What an achievement! Split the winnings! Everyone’s happy!

Not a chance. There’s nothing a quizmaster likes more than a tie break to add a little tension to the proceedings. And I always lose, I’ve never won a single tie-break, it’s all very frustrating.

Until last night! Like the proud sons of the Netherlands last week, our duck was broken and our hex unhexed. Our guess was a single year closer to Chris Isaak’s true age than theirs! We win!

This was at the weekly Monday night pop quiz at the Rosemary Branch, by the way. It’s a good quiz with a genial quizmaster and a very pleasant pub. Can’t say fairer than that.