Culinary Blindspots

I like to think that I can cook a bit, you know, I read lots of cookbooks, watcgh plenty of the food channel, can turn my hand to most things and do a decent job. However…. there is one thing that I just, no matter how hard I try/much I prepare, that I can *never* get right. And that’s the bloody stir fry, yes, student staple and every housewives fall back dish. And what’s more I don’t know why. Take last night, all my veggies were the same size and prepared before. The tofu was marinated nicely. Everything seemed spot on….. Until it came to cooking it, started it too early compared to the rice, had it too cold, added too much water and then didn’t have it hot enough to steam the greens. Cue chefly paddy being thrown and a tasteless dish served up.

I’m leaving it to Vicky from now on, and sticking to slow foods