The second pub on the trawl, the fourth of the evening is the one that we are not completely sure of the name of (was it the Hand In Hand, or was that the first one). Anyway, this pub was lightly populated, bright and had some Dean martin playing on the juker. There was a fella round the corner who seemed to be singing along to Mac The Knife. Then another Dean Martin track came on. And then it all went quiet.

Actually, that is not strictly true. The jukebox went quiet. Obviously the pub continued at its usual hum, we were chatting about the exact proximity of my Dad’s flat when a youth to this pub (withing two hundred yards I approximated). But a quiet jukebox has needs and I pumped a quid in. The Story of The Blues by one of the Wah!’s (Mighty I think) was an early choice.

This did not cause a stir, the tunes were audible but not battering anyone over the head. Quickly however our Mack The Knife since slipped back over tot he juker and pumped a few quid in. When the strains of my final song – Glen Campbell – finished Deano popped back up with ‘That’s Amore’. The message was clear. This bloke owned the jukebox and tonight Matthew he was going to be Dean Martin.

That said, he offered up much more comedy value by chatting to an old black couple who had just come in and defended himself to us as “Just being friendly like”, before one of them absoultely spanked him at pool. You know what, he was just being friendly.