JANET JACKSON – “All Nite (Don’t Stop)”

It’s official; Janet Jackson is crazy.

This has nothing to do with her alleged exercise addiction, the plastic surgeies she’s had to make herself look like the world’s sexiest anthropomorphic cat, or even the Superbowl titflash-o-rama. This is all centered around her new single, a deeply sexy affair that weaves a gigantic bassline through a stutter-beat straight from the heavens, topped off with the most gorgeous whisper-voiced lyrics this side of the “let me throw my panties at you and call you Daddy” divide. The evidence of Janet’s (or perhaps her record label’s) advancing dementia is the fact that this was not the lead single off of Damita Jo.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This review is in no way influenced by the fact that the author first heard the song via the absurdly sexy video. Oh no.)