I am still not sold by the name. Bisc & seems like a range made in marketing hell without any real sense of where it sits in the real world. It is a biscuit, the kind of thing which would be nice with a cup of coffee. AND it is a choclate bar. You know, for those times when you fancy a Mars bar with your coffee but find they just do not compliment each other.

But then I got a free Bisc & Mars and, well, it was blimmin gorgeous. It reminded me of Sunday afternoon teatimes round my Gran’s, which to get all Proustian, was where the United’s and Breakaway’s would be given to the young ‘uns. The Bisc& seems to balance the shortcake biscuit well with getting over the flavour of its particular &. In this case the cloying sickliness of the Mars is still there, but thankfully the actual sickliness caused by the Mars was thankfully missing.

I still think they are terribly packaged, and badly named. But, with a cup of tea, hmmm.