Underated Vegetable of the Week: Parsnips.

I must admit I was never a fan when I was a kid. It sat on the unpopular side of the Christmas dinner plate, relegated even below the sprouts in my pecking order. There was something unsettling about the sweetness of this over sized anaemic carrot. I have come round, as with most things, to appreciate this contrast. Though this is not why the parsnip requires a fresh look. Curried Parsnip Soup is.

Simple, and yet again stolen from Lindsay Bareham’s a Celebration of Soup. Ingredients: Parsnip, Potato, Onion, Garlic. Fry in butter for ten minutes. A teaspoon of your favourite curry powder, or paste (I have a Sri Lankan one I swear by). Two pints of beef stock. Boil, puree and if you fancy add some cream. This is why we have winter I think.