Pub Quiz Etiquette: A team with several publog regulars won a pub quiz last night. A team with several more publog regulars came second. Total swag – ’50 of drinks vouchers. But this morning it’s hard to feel too proud – the teams in question ended up with 11 and 8 contestants apiece. Hardly surprising or fair that we did so well, then.

But is that the case? The fault surely lies with the quizmaster for allowing unlimited team sizes, a fairly basic rule whose absence we didn’t intend to exploit – people just kept turning up. Also in this case there were 19 teams even including our two gargantuas and the quizmaster made the error of reading out the scores after each of 8 rounds – upshot: it took AGES and the winner wasn’t even announced until 10.30. Given that the drinks vouchers had to be spent on the night that left half an hour to deal with ’50 – if we’d been two teams of four some seriously rushed drinking would have ensued. As it was it served 19 people quite handily.