CRISP PACKET COPY 2: Walkers Sensations Seasonal Edition: Honey Roasted Ham

‘WALKERS SENSATIONS are a new taste experience ‘ crunchier potato crisps bursting with irresistible flavours.

‘HONEY ROASTED HAM recreates the warm, seasoned flavours of everyone’s favourite festive fare. Slightly sweet, with a hint of cloves this mouth-watering combination of thickly sliced ham is glazed with honey then slow roasted to perfection. ‘

So Walkers once again gently mock the food world with the vague implication that either (a) there is a seasonal element to the chemicals they use to generate the (again surprisingly complex) flavours of their premium range, or (b) no-one could want to deal with this particular flavour outside the ‘festive season’. (Which, by the way, gets earlier every year I saw the Christmas decorations in the shops the other day and it’s barely even September blah blah blah).

What I like best is that whoever wrote the copy seems unsure whether they are describing crisps or real actual ham. Maybe they honey roast their fried spuds’?