APPLE CRISPS 2! Or more accurately: Apple flavoured crisps.

The M&S crisp range has recently undergone an overhaul and in doing so has broken the cardinal rule of crisp packet design: different flavour = different coloured packet. I’d noted the change but didn’t immediately register the implications of this crime against crisp identification. It was only when I got back to the office with my lunch last Tuesday that the full horror sank in.

I had accidentally bought a packet of Apple, Sage and Thyme flavoured crisps.

After getting over my initial shock that someone could have devised such an abomination, I came to the conclusion that it would be a serious dereliction of duty to the publog public to not sample them. So I opened the packet, and dived in.

Much to my surprise, they were perfectly edible. This was largely because someone seemed to have neglected to put any apple flavouring in. What was left was a vaguely authentic sage/thyme combination, a bit like the Seabrooks Garlic and Herb flavour minus the garlic.

This left me wondering why on earth they are being marketed as tasting of apple. I know the British public has a seemingly inexhaustable desire for novelty crisp varieties, but if you really wanted to push the flavour envelope into the fruit department surely strawberry would be the logical choice?