Ajinomoto is japan’s MY favourite food brand these days. I am not referring to the animal food they produce – though it worries me, it might end up in my Cook Do sauces. So yes, I am a Cook Do afficionado (and a food-neurotic but that’s for my next post). It’s merely some bag of sauce packed in a carton box. But that kawai box contains so much information just to prepare some faux-ready made meal. Faux? Yep, Cook Do pretends to sell an easy meal but it’s actually a classique way to get the lazy arses to cook a dee-lish-us meal.

Addendum:I am now on a mission to find the Cook Do sauces – basically a sweet ‘n’ sour sauce – in XL bottles so I can splash it over my aubergine-onion-pepper-meat fry. Email me with links ‘n’ tips!