We’ve all gone to the dogs I’m not entirley sure this should be up here, but there’s something incredibly conducive about drinking at a dog track (in my case Walthamstow dogs). There’s the gambling (not entireley clever when drinking but at our stakes, none too bad). There’s the cheering, drinking is a fantastic aid here, we got progressively more voluble as the night went on, as did all the other punters. And there’s the fact that, it’s one of the few sporting occasions in England where you can still drink and watch the event, this is to be applauded, especially as the atmosphere is great. As for the booze, well, it’s bog standard fare, John Smiths smooth is the only bitter but it isn’t bad, the kronnenbourg is cold and tasy, what more do you want? A small white wine for the lady? yup, no problem, hell they’ll even serve you a half and black (if you’re mad enough to want one like my sister did)

They do scampi and chips too, and it smells fantastic.