Ah, that’s what I like to see. A fellow publogger so entraptured by the venue that he still seems inebriated. Walthamstow Dog Track is the UK’s largest licenced establishment (strike one for those of you who thought it was Waxy O’Cuntin’Connors). Y’see when they built it and applied for a licence they were asked what part of the building could potentially be used for drinking? Like anyone who has answered a MENSA test they replied ‘absolutely every fucking part of it’. Who knows when you might want a pint in the dog traps. Or the ladies lavs.

On its own of course this would be enough to place Walthamstow Dogs into history (or at least into Schott’s Original Miscillany), but this den of dog doping* continued with its joy pumping program. Not only does it actively participate in the class war by having a working class and middle class section (difference being the plate vs the basket as food servery choice) but it realises that Monday afternoon is the best possible time to appeal to the alkie. Why? Well on Sundays pubs close half an hour early. So your dedicated social alkie (as opposed to homestylee intrevenous Famous Grouse Drinkers) will be that little bit more refreshed on a Monday morning. Ready for a:


You read that right. The beer is half price, there is betting at 10p a pop and it is free in. Last time I did it we staggered out at 3:30 banging on the doors of Charlie Chans for one more tune. That’s 3:30 pm. Stow Dogs : Publog pub of the year.

*Secret to dog racing, when they dope the dogs they do it with amphetimines. Hence any dog that seems a little bit hyper has been doped. Dogs on speed over run themeselves round the first bend. You heard it hear first.