Anyone For Coffee? Restaurant punters behaving badly is a subject it is difficult to deal with for the Publog with any real moral high ground. We all behave badly every now and then, hopefully to one another, rather than the waiting staff. After a particularly georgeous meal at Lalibella, North london’s premier Ethiopian restaurant, we were feel rather full and pleased with ourselves. Alcohol was contributing to this. So the waiting staff left us alone to our witty and erudite conversation until one decided to ask us the dreaded question.

“Anyone For Coffee”.

This was instantly translated to us of a tipsy mindset feeling we had overstayed our welcome as :”Anyone Fuck Off (Eee)”. Much linguistic merriment was then defined in using this phrase over and over and as such I would like to apologise to the bemused staff. I would especially like to apologise iof they weren’t bemused. This ‘joke’ was not disimilar to the practice of putting two fingers up in a head supporting manner after all.

Heads up for the Ethipian mash by the way. Super carboload tastic (mash with Derek Tibbs and loads of Injera, hmmm hmmm.)