Bert’s Bar in Stockbridge, Edinburgh is an absolute gem. For starters, they had Deuchars IPA on, which was absolutely lovely. They also did Scotch pies (with Desperate Dan holes in the top) at a superb ‘1.50 each. With gravy. Steak and peppercorn was delightful, with really good lean steak; the mince and onion was equally good. Veggie mates report that the Spinach and Cheese and Leek and Potato versions were great too. For another ‘2, they add mash and peas to make a pie dinner. They also do a great breakfast at a reasonable ‘4.

They had a telly on for sport, but it was tucked away high up, so it didn’t dominate the pub; watchers had to struggle, so there was none of the distratcion as people’s eyes get magically drawn to it and slowly kill off the chat between drinkers. It had little snug style areas and the tables were fixed to the ground. There was also plenty of room for those who wanted to stand, with lots of space provided for resting drinks.

Think of everything you’d want from a pub, and Bert’s had it. What made it even better is that it was the first pub we stumbled into upon arrival; no recommendation, just the nearest to where we were staying. Magic.