The lock-in is in danger. The licencing White Paper, with its attendent all night drinking will relegate the after hours boozer to the dumper of regulation and bouncers. I say this because of late I have become acquainted with a few lock-in pubs and have to sadly report that yes, half the fun is getting away with it.

Some pubs watch their backs firmly. At eleven the thick curtains go up and the front door is locked – exit only be a side way. Other pubs, the Harlequin in Islington for example, are a touch more lackadaisical. This brilliant little boozer discovered recently has welcomed myself and Tim with open arms, like long lost sons even. This may partially be to do with our general demeanour, our willingness to engage in the banter of the pub and the copious amounts of the well-kept Landlord bitter. Or it may be to do with the Pink Clove I drank up there.

Anyway, if the demise of the lock-in were to spoil a place like the ‘Quin then it would be a sad day. Though we have got to start going there without the temptation of after hours boozing.