Okay, for all my bigging them up – the Busted! album actually isn’t that good. Its perfectly serviceable in a pop way but very few of the songs ever quite reach the dizzying heights of silliness that Year 3000 or What I Go To School For did. Instead it is oddly stuffed with mid-tempo ballads, there is nothing that really jsutifies their punky jumping in the air on the cover. That said there are two other songs of note.

Lastly – the very last track on the album Loser Kid is a sequel to What I Go To School For. It continues the fantasy that Charlie used to be a loser until he started going out with Miss MacKenzie. Who let’s remember is 34, and how being in a dodgy age based relationship stops him being a loser I’m not sure. Still, sequel songs are fun (its a bit drippy for it to be proper fun though).

The other ballad that is notable is Psycho Girlfriend, which could musically almost be a Boyzone track. But at least it has a joyous chorus which is surprisingly refreshing. It should be a single – it won’t be. Because of lyrics like this:
“She’s my psycho girl, my living nightmare,
She’s everything I need, but I can’t stand her.”