Sarah (sort your permalinks out!) suggests that I think Bar Billiards is rubbish, and prefer the Quizzer as a pub game. In fact I like Bar Billiards a great deal, a marvellous game which could only have involved in a pub. In fact if in some post-Neutron Bomb future the pubs have crumbled but a BB table survives, anthropologists will be able to deduce the very existence of pubs from this marvellous device. After all, only in an environment where idleness and flights of fancy are encouraged would people have come up with a crossbreed of billiards, bagatelle, and reverse ten-pin-bowling.

But the Quizzer is still better. Technology marches on and those who cling to the old pub pursuits are left in its wake. To prove the Quizzer’s superiority we must return to first pub principles. What is the point of being in a pub? Booze and conversation. The Quizzer not only allows the drinker to test their wits (which unlike reflexes are enhanced by booze) against a computerised brain, it also provides ample stimulus for conversation by suggesting all sorts of topics and disputes. And you can win money at it and get more booze which you can’t do on Bar Billiards unless you’re some kind of ‘hustler’.

She is right about sprouts, though.