Boogie Oogie Oogie: Yes, I bought the latest issue (last month’s, that is) of Muzik Magazine because of the free CD featuring selections chosen by the vivacious and vituperative Miss Kittin (“electroclash” clearly shorthand for “dance music indie snobs in denial can enjoy guilt-free”; gimme light sticks and pacifiers that match my Tsunami shirt NOW!). (Here’s info on the issue and the CD.)

Yes, I know duck-all about jungle & drum & bass & other forms of the dance music, and I’m undoubtedly subceptible to some review touting a house remix of “The Hokey Pokey” as the best thing since stop signs. It seems like a fair enough read if you’re curious about this sort of wide-ranging, ever-changing musical thing (and fond of rave pics showing girls invading each other’s personal dancing spaces, hubba hubba). However, is it de rigeur for the picture captions in this mag to be so unforgivably awful? Christ, they talk about ironing on some poor guy’s chin, and actually use “URRRRRRRRRGH” (or some synonym – “ARRRRRRRRGH” or “UUUUUUUNGH”) in one instance. And a POT joke about MORCHEEBA – wooo boy. I own 6th grade yearbooks with more decorum & good sense.