A subject which often comes back up here is that of televisions in pubs. We all know the horror of the TV showing MTV while the jukebox is banging out something completely different. And we are all aware that no matter what is on a TV screen the eye is naturally drawn to its flickering luminescence. So you would think that I would be against this – Big Brother in pubs. Part of me is, but only due to its format – on ETV a terrible bar only subscription sevice. The idea of Big Brother live in pubs is fantastic, it fits perfectly with the other reason to go to the pub to watch TV, sport. Big Brother is akin to sport that you can watch it or ignore it at different levels. It can go on for long stretches without being interesting and then suddenly be amazing. The volume issue would be tricky, the contestants do have a habit of being very quiet and then squeeling. That said though with the amount they have been drinking this year all their conversations are natural pub conversations.

Anyway it would make Friday night easier to handle without waiting on spurious text messages from your lying mates.