Ahhh goth pubs. As one of the new goths I can say I did not order Snakebite and Black as it is gross, and word on the (dark and dismal, obv) STREETS is that Guinness and Black isn’t a goth drink anyway due to black + black = black– as any fule know. The Intrepid Fox always tempts me after a quick game of Dance Dance Revolution but I’ve never managed to make it in there sadly. What I like even more are the CHAIN GOTH PUBS, one particularly close to my heart North of Oxford Street where illicit deals were done in a place where we could guarantee none of our friends would come in and find us. Of course it was dark, the music was tolerable volumed indie/dance and there were special offers on BLUD COLOURED DRINXoR. The menus had skulls on them. But still, there were also plenty of nooks. Nooks make or break a boozer IMHO.

I think I do not really like The Head. I have lost my voice and I think it is due to having to shout loudly over its loud dance music ways. Return to quiet pubs. Num num. Also no nooks. And too much football. And no good alcopops. GRR! It’s rub!