Snap shots I had a very pleasant, unchallenging pint at lunchtime in the Edinburgh Tavern off Fleet Street. It’s a nice pub. The food looked pretty good, pie and mash on a Friday, though I restricted myself to liquids. For what it’s worth, the exterior was remarkably well-kempt, the window-boxes positively blooming – very enticing.

However, there was one feature inside the pub that I would take issue with. On the wall, there were a couple of clipframes containing photos of off-their-faces punters. Sorry, but I’m not entirely sure what they were trying to achive with this. Are they trying to suggest that you should have a “Gary Player”, i.e. stay in the pub and drink long enough for your eyes to glaze over, mouth to start drooling and generally begin looking like a Prize Arse? The snaps of besuited lawyers at chucking-out (-up?) time were particularly dispiriting. It was almost as bad as having offensive holiday postcards from regulars behind the bar – just almost.