Num num num! PUB FOOD. Whilst Wetherspoons generally = PUB HELL, one thing they do know is that the food they serve is merely an accompaniment to the (albiet rubbidge) DRINK. The proof is in the food + BEER special offers! Wetherspoons food is of the same quality of Yates Wine Lodge foods. Where would Wetherspoons be without the invention of the MICROWAVE I do wonder? Probably copoking ‘finest roast potatoes’ over a GAS LIGHTER chiz. But worst than all of these are the pubs wot serve THAI FOOD or even Chinese food. The blurring of lines between a pub and a restaurant do not a good drinking (or food!) experience make! Trying to compromise only leads to the middle ground. How well does a pint of Youngs Bitter/Flowers/IPA/Fat Mang, a crowded table full of YORE MATES go with the blend of Thai seven spice? I’d say not well. The point of pub food should be that it compliments the drinking, not that the drink should compliment the food – else there would be trained SOMMELIERS behind the bar. Incidentally, NYC’s Ritz-Carlton, New York has a WATER SOMMELIER. Dammit where is the link? Well, you’ll have to trust me on that one. WACK.