I thoroughly disagree with John’s dislike of the pub table grab. Improving ones situation in life is something which we should always strive for. We go to a pub because we like its ambience, because we like the beer, because we like the pub. The fact that I cannot get a table now does not mean I will always be denied. I take great pleasure in going from standing to sitting, and will always do so given half the chance. People know if their time is up, part of the joy of the regular pubgoer is knowing how to intimidate table hoggers into relinquishing their pint glasses and going on their way. Far worse is going into a pub, grabbing an empty table and then sitting around nervously trying to decide who is going to go to the bar. The way to enter a pub is straight to the bar, drinks then look around for furnishing. So the scenario John describes (go in, look around and then decide whether to stay or not) should never happen.