May I borrow your books of hairstyles? Pre-club trip to the Bricklayers Arms last night showed how randomness should be the order of the pub experience. A hair magazine was extracted for the purposes of discussing which haircut would be best for one of the female protagonists. Along with Your Hair magazine came a free booklet with more hairstyles in it (hair magazines are very, very strange things like all specialist things). Enter to the scene a nice-but-dim character exiting the Gents. Initially attracted because he thought it might be a lady porno, he was soon drawn to the free magazine.

“Can I borrow your hair booklet? I’ll give you a pound deposit.” Much laughing behind hands and tittering went on, a small wrangle and we were sans free booklet and up a pound. Probably no good to poor old Ange since she had plumped on going for one of the do’s in the book. He then took it upstairs and it was never seen again. The bizarreness of this pub nutter encounter was contrasted with the mundanity of the pub embarking on its second full playing of OK Computer.