If you don’t know about this already, you might not know that Club Sussed is the name of the club run by the estimable Carsmile Steve and No-Nickname Pete, at which Steve and I are the resident DJs. It used to take place every month at Club L*tino’s in Oxford, but they switched our night from a Thursday to a Wednesday, audiences halved and we realised that the club was a shocking dive nobody wanted to go to. So now on Sunday 10th we’re hosting the first – hopefully of many – Sunday Sussed! nights at The Cellar, Cornmarket Street, Oxford i.e. right in the centre of town. If you’re reading this in Oxford then you should come along because you will enjoy it, and there’s fuck all else to do on a Sunday. Doors are at 8, booze is served and music played until half past 12, and it’s going to be terrific. It costs two quid.

What is it? It’s been reviewed as “the most eclectic indie night in Oxford”, and basically the concept is that we mix indie with chart pop, hip-hop, bootlegs, electro and whatever tickles our fancies. Anything with a hook is fair game. Expect drunkenly-recalled playlists to be posted on the Monday!