The lure of the unknown. Tonight I am drinking in a pub I have never drunk in before – The Marylebone Tup. It was suggested by someone I don’t know very well who possibly won’t even be there, and has been much discussed without being visited over on I Love Everything. The discussion has ranged from whether this pub is any good or not based on the odd proviso that no-one in the discussion has ever been there. The Fancy-a-pint review is non-comittal – which as you know round here is not necessarily a bad thing. But it ought to be a good crowd of people drinking, people I haven’t seen for a while and this is what ambience is after all.

If you want to join us, we’ll be the gang of Interweb Mentalists there from 6:30. One of our numbers will be drinking Budweiser – for his sins. I will report back though, going to unknown pubs is a lovely thing to do, and anyway there are plenty of other nice pubs in the area to attack if this Tup turns out to be a nightmare.