The lamentable cost of drinking in London. In which Edward Sullivan (possibly the finest journalist working for the Evening Standard and the only pub & bar correspondant who seems to enjoy drinking) gives us a brief summary of what we already know. It costs too much to drink in London. He also offers a chilling view of the very near future: the ‘3 pint.

The thing is there are pubs in London which are genuinely cheaper. In all Sam Smiths pubs you can get a pint for under two quid, but if drinking that funny Ayangerbrau disturbs you there are still other locals which will sort you out. I always forget how cheap the beer is in the (now haunted) Lord John Russell. Gambrinus, a pint you will not see often in London, still only costs two thirty. Of course I am speaking from a landlords perspective here too. We don’t sell a pint over ‘1.90, and currently Carling will set you back ‘1.20. Deals are out there – so penalise the crap pubs.