Be like Colin and Edmund. Look! Here’s Edmund, and he’s an example to us all. Edmund is an adventurous drinker. One look at the many and various pub crawls he has undertaken in the past 15 years will tell you that. Some, it should be noted, were arranged under the aegis of HASSRALE (it’s the real Ale Society for people who work in the Departments of Health and Social Security, silly). I wonder what he was up to in 1987.

Better still, though, is the suite of pages hosted by Edmund but written by Colin. Colin embarked on a mission to visit at least one pub in every postal district in London during the year 1999. It’s a mine of fascinating facts (can there really be just two pubs in SE28?). The quest was completed in eleven one-month chunks because, understandably enough, Colin gave up alcohol for lent. Genius.

Both of these gentlemen make us, and our Blue Posts pub crawl (failed) look rubbish. I am humbled.