Part One in an occasional series by your unofficial showbiz correspondent: Celebs in the Pub.

Here’s my list in chronological order. You may notice it is heavily reliant on a) slightly obscure soap stars and b) North London, postcodes N8 and N6:
1. Daniella Denby-Ashe aka Sarah ‘Bible Basher’ Hills from Eastenders/daughter from ‘My Family’/dizzy bird off ‘Office Gossip’. Spotted in pub whose name escapes me in Highgate.
2. Phil and Lisa (Steve McFadden and Lucy Benjamin) also from Eastenders. Not strictly speaking actually in the pub but they walked past the Railway in Crouch End when we were sat outside.
3. Det. Matt Boyden from the Bill (you know, the older grumpy one who is often on the desk) – spotted in the Hogshead in Crouch End and also in the Manhattan Coffee Shop which is in no way a pub.
4. Vas Blackwood who I remember from Lenny Henry but according to my slightly more up-to-date source was in Snatch and Lock, Stock…

Proper celebs have VIP rooms to drink in – an ex colleague of mine saw (deep breath) Robbie and Janine off Stenders, Tony and Lewis off Hollyoaks, Fiona off Corrie who is now someone else off Holby City AND – saving the best till last – SClub 7!!! All in the VIP room of the apparently vile Cafe de Paris.

I will be keeping my eyes open. (I have also spotted Jessie Wallace aka Kat Slater off Eastenders but that was in a club I’m afraid.)