Sosho. No thank you. I’ll stick to Tottenham Court Road, where the pubs are grotty and you get served an honest – if overpriced – pint. Take lunchtime Monday. Myself and silent member of this publog Ant had a thoroughly mediocre lunch in The Olde Surgeon. Much has been written about this pub here. Mainly about its freezing toilets. But The Surgeon manages to combine many a PP topic all in the one venue:

a) Freezing toilets (especially – so I’ve been told the ladies)
b) Sizzling pltters – served with no trimmings (as if that is a boast)
c) Half arsed DJ’s on Thursday’s & Fridays.
d) Big screen TV for the footie.

Doesn’t commit any deadly sins, but does have jokey – doctor based decor. Which i – and I think I am alone in this – find rather endearing. Cheese & Bacon Burger filled a hole and was a lot cheaper than the one Tom had at the Stage Door on Saturday. (Which reminds me – must write an overview of T & J Bernards pubs soon.) Probably the second best pub on TCR – its also one worth taking a gamble on. You could easily have a better night in here than you would at the Riser – but it could also be worse. A sine wave of pub possibilities, a pub with is all about the extremities.