I have had to put up with much worse (unless there was more which was too sexist to publish). The sole sexist element appears to relate to drinking habits, and I would say these comments are more misguided than anything.

Pete knows all too well that I a) have 2 X chromosomes and b) favour dark rum. Furthermore I have been known to plump (geddit?) for fat coke over its thin ‘alternative’ on occasions (usually when I am drunk which is usually when weight management issues are forgotten in favour of curry and our old mate fat coke). Also the premium lager=men / cooking lager=women theory is total nonsense as I have come across so many exceptions to this alleged rule that I have given up counting them. As for wine, fair dos – I don’t think I have ever been with a man who ordered a glass of wine in a pub (although as a barmaid I have served them).

The really sexist part of drinking lies not in our choices but in cruel Mother Nature who has made us girls’ livers too small and susceptible to cirrhosis. It seems we can only manage 2 years of heavy drinking before it affects us whereas chaps get 10! How unfair is that!

So no need for the apology. Just come visit me in hospital in a month’s time when the liver damage kicks in.