Hyperdub: and now a link nicked off Simon Reynolds (see below) – Hyperdub is an extraordinary magazine marrying the futuristic musical rush of cutting-edge garage and dance music with the logokinetic buzz of writers firing on all verbal cylinders. If you don’t like the idea of intelligent writing about music you might consider ‘trivial’ then steer clear: otherwise dive in. Great design, too.

(And if that description made you think ‘Kodwo Eshun’ then you’ll be delighted to know he’s up to his elbows in the site.)

Meanwhile: those of you involved in recent back-and-forth discussions about a) Eminem, or b) the Pitchfork list might want to look at In Review‘s excellent Sleater-Kinney/Eminem comparison. In fact you should all look at In Review on a daily basis anyway, cause it’s ace.