We aren’t quite posting live from the pub, this is in fact a post from Cafe Sad aka EasyEverything on the Tottenham Court Road. We have been to five public houses this evening – the Jack Horner, the Rising Sun, The Old Surgeon, the Mortimer Arms, and the Court aka It’s A Scream. Summaries follow:

The Jack Horner: hangover recovery, and a retelling of the week’s tales.
The Rising Sun: Magnus related the tale of how he had yet again pulled a nutter, in this case his French upstairs neighbour, who had staved in her window with a big plank.
The Old Surgeon: I DONT WANNA ROCK DJ! Or should that be “I don’t want a pub DJ”, as the Surgeon had employed such a personage to make Christmas Eve Eve Eve go with a swing. All the favourites were deployed, including “Who Let The Dogs Out” which excited the office party crowd muchly. Pub DJs are dreadful, yet amusing: more on this anon.
The Mortimer Arms played host to a marvellous game of Office Party Anthropology, as we witnessed the drunken near-coupling of a Serge Gainsbourg style office sot with his Jane Birkin (from Accounts, no doubt). Much voyeuristic fun – both gropers were wearing Santa hats, curse them.
The Court was a jukebox rip-off pub but nevertheless we stuck it out – enough to enjoy rounds made up almost entirely of Aftershock Blue and new drink horror Sourz (a nasty apple/cough sweet brew). Al requested the KLF twice off the pub DJ (of the trying-to-be-trendy variety, i.e. no Baha Men) and was turned down. Pete caused distress to a gay couple innocently trying to work the cigs machine. We were repeatedly burned by Tarrant and his infernal money-eating device. It is worth pointing out that the Court is the only pub in London to have been stupid enough to put Kid A on the jukebox.