But as I say, I have been re-reading the josh blog, which celebrates its first birthday next week, and I will be at home and not posting when it does. So I thought I’d say now that for one thing a year is a fucking long time to be writing about music, let alone with this kind of honesty and fairness, and massive respect to Josh for doing it.

The next thing I want to say is that it’s a bastard reading through weblog archives, and I apologise to anyone who’s tried to plough through mine.

And the main thing I want to say boils down to – Josh is ace. I don’t know a lot of the music he writes about – I can’t pretend that when he goes off on one about jazz that I don’t skim and skip bits of it, but what he has to say is generally very intelligent, and is also a really fascinating account of somebody’s music tastes and ideas developing. In terms of actually thinking through, or defending his ideas, Josh puts me to shame and he’s also been one of my most valuable critics while I’ve been doing FT. Happy Birthday to his Blog, and I hope he doesn’t stay away from it too long.