Sorry Pete you are indeed a world renowned expert on all things beery. I should never have implied otherwise.

My foray into the ladies toilets of London’s pubs continues to take me into fairly rough territory. The Crown and Two Chairmen features relatively plush surroundings and four whole cubicles but – and there’s always a but where lavs are involved – I tried three and not one had a door that locked! Why? Maybe its seedy Soho location means it attracts the sort who passes out in toilets so locks on the doors would prevent access to these degenerates. Maybe it is so the Vice Squad can burst in more easily on Soho media cokeheads. Maybe they couldn’t be arsed to mend the locks when they broke.

Anyway. fear not ladies as if you are 5’5” or over with normal length legs and chunky trainers you will find that you are able to keep the door shut with your foot.