Mystery Pub Warnings II: in the Rat And Parrot last night at Victoria Place (yes, yes, I know I shouldn’t be going into the Rat And Parrot, but Simon had won a fantasy golf tournament and was treating us all to drinks, and for free beer I’d go anywhere except Bar T@ctic@l). Anyway, as usual I step up to the jukebox and a sign catches my eye:


What was this jukebox watershed? Were all of selections 45-60 filthy? On investigation it turned out that said selections were all ancient indie (this being the kind of jukebox well equipped with old volumes of the Shine series) or greatest hits by Mojo rockers (Van the Man, Beatles, etc.). Also selections 45-60 lie slap in the middle of the jukebox and are thus rather time-consuming to flick past in pre-watershed hours. What is going on? My only guess is that arcane PRS royalty schemes mean that the venerable old bores in this section of the j-box cost more to broadcast during daytime hours. However this seems on the face of it mad. Can anyone fill me in*?

*a song not banned at any hour. Alas.