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Pop World Cup 2014 – Groups List
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UPDATE: Finally sent out details. If you are a manager listed here and you haven’t got them then a) check your spam folder and b) shout at me cos I probably got your email wrong…
UPDATE 2: Unfortunately, Italy manager Tom Schaller has had[…]

Pop World Cup – Weekend Update – WRAP
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Well you all know what happened. Now Roger Bozack and Peter Baran set up camp in the eerily empty Media Center in Johannesburg, abandoned coffee cups littering the floor, and try to make some sense of it all. Ultimately that means playing a bunch of […]

Pop World Cup – Weekend Update – THE FINAL
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Tom Ewing joins Peter Baran and Roger Bozack in the broadcast booth for the simulcast of the championship match between Germany and Nigeria and gets raked over the coals about this year’s voting irregularities. Well, not so much raked as polite[…]

Pop World Cup – Weekend Update – SEMIFINALS
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Roger Bozack returns from his mysterious illness and joins Peter Baran in the broadcast booth as the crucible of this Pop World Cup gets amplified to the breaking point – tossed on the horns of a swelling tide and cast into a literal pressure c[…]

Pop World Cup – Weekend Update – Quarterfinal Results
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With Roger Bozack pulling a sickie, it falls to Eli Sessions to join Peter Baran in the booth for all the quarterfinal results. In the sporting tradition for which the Weekend Update has become justly celebrated, we focus on the sides who lost last w[…]

Pop World Cup – Weekend Update – The Quarterfinals
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Roger Bozack gets Peter Baran down the line from Capetown to take in all the action from the Pop World Cup 2010 Quarterfinals. In an all-African tie Nigeria battles Ghana for the host continent crown, though the Cameroonians appear to be staking a cl[…]

Pop World Cup – Weekend Update – Round of 16 Roundup
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Sixteen nations – but only eight can advance. It’s a cruel game. No matter the quality of play, in the Pop World Cup there must be winners and there must be losers. Peter Baran joins Roger Bozack via ISDN linkup to take a look at the team[…]

Pop World Cup – Weekend Update – Round of 16 – 2
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Two Pop World Cup managers in the studio this week, but hope is alive for only one of them. Honduras manager Steve Hewitt sits in with Roger Bozack and a bereft Peter Baran as Hewitt’s Honduran squad faces Portugal, Paraguay meet the Netherland[…]

Pop World Cup – Weekend Update – Round of 16
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We’re back to live action this week as senior pop analyst and USA manager Peter Baran joins Roger Bozack for the kickoff of the Round of 16. With every match a decider, the managers are pulling out all the stops, breaking out the big guns, i.e.[…]

Pop World Cup – Weekend Update – Goodbye to Groups
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With the winning teams resting and limbering up for the trials ahead, Roger Bozack takes time out from the putting green to share some of his favourite efforts from those nations who found themselves left out in the cold when all the votes were count[…]


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