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PWC14 Third-Place Match: Chile v Iran

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alex daniel Welcome back, my friends, to the competition that is about to end. Rather behind schedule – not quite a month! – but when the football world cup has been this entertaining who can blame us? There are two matches to go. On Monday we’ll put up the POP WORLD CUP FINAL – England v Nigeria – which will then be set to end at the time the actual World Cup final kicks off (it’s almost as if we planned it). But before, this traditional appetiser, the third place match between our losing semi-finalists, lartsaegis’ Chile and Wichita Lineman’s Iran.

Both teams have given us some real highlights at this Pop World Cup. Chile got off to a slow (or maybe just long) start, gathering steam through the group stage before taking down the much-fancied Cameroon and Japan teams in the group stage. They’ve had a magnificent run, as have Iran, who have mostly stuck to an unusual and beguiling electro-tactic that neither the Swiss nor the Koreans could find a way past. In the end it was Foals who ended their winning run.

So now these sides take the pop stage one final time, and fight it out for third place. Iran have been here before, in 2006, Chile are new to this level. Tracks and poll below the cut – good luck both managers!

CHILE: Alex & Daniel – “Mundo Real”

And so, The World is not enough. But I wouldn’t undo any play we’ve made this tourney. Certainly, the cards conditions have been fulfilled, yes, I play a track in my back pocket that was fated to be our last anyway the win went. Alex Anwandter has been a pop cornerstone in Chile since the days of Teleradio Donoso, the indie-pop band he served in earlier in the 2000s. Since their dissolution he’s been behind his Odisea moniker, more electronic oriented pop, producing hot tracks for other Chilean groups, as well as stuff under his own name — speaking of which, he had at least half a hand in the Alex & Daniel project, a link up with Gepe (aka Daniel), also a top pop star in his own country, who used to play guitar in Javiera Mena’s stage band. Mundo Real is a song that stays upbeat even when, lyrically, times are feeling a bit low for two lovers — but even in the relative misery of loss, there’s always a way to get down without having to stay there.

From I, Andrew, and the rest of the Chilean National Pop Team: Te queremos (We love you). The legends have received their shine on the grand stage, and the present stars have been aligned. You can find our full eleven here. Thanks to remezcla, clubfonograma, discogs, Tom and the rest of you FT regulars I’ve gotten to know a bit more over the course of this tourney.


“I was going to play this in the final, and fully expected to lose to Nigeria. But it’s very lovely so it’ll suit the unpressured third place play-off.”


Third-Place Match: Which Do You Pick?

  • CHILE: Alex & Daniel 53%
  • IRAN: Nu 47%

Total Voters: 32

Poll closes: 10 Jul 2014 @ 13:10

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  1. 1
    thefatgit on 3 Jul 2014 #

    It’s the match that nobody wants to win until they find themselves playing in it. But importantly, it’s a chance for the players to show thanks for the fans’ support and a thank you to the hosts. In PWC terms, these are the songs that could have won the trophy. Jim Bowen could have led these two teams out.

    I’m so glad these two teams get the chance to duke it out, in the 3rd placed match. Two teams that constantly surprised and amazed. To business!

    Chile: Alex and Daniel interweave some nifty passes and remind me of some rather wonderful formations and tactical set-pieces that Scissor Sisters plundered from the ’70s and ’80s. Shorts cut to the upper-thigh and the shiniest of polyester kits, it’s seductive stuff. The energy levels are kept to the maximum as wave upon wave of Chilean attacks clash with Iran’s solid defence.

    Iran employ a tactic first used back in the group phase by Chile. A long and slow-burning track that doesn’t necessarily have all that much happening, that just nestles up against my pleasure centre and gently strokes it. As different a song as you could find from the kind of energetic, joyful fare that Nigeria have offered; it would have indeed been a final of contrasts had England not won their semi. In this match, Iran’s patience pays off with a compelling understated vocal performance and hypnotic passing play through the middle. Time stands still.

  2. 2
    lartsaegis on 4 Jul 2014 #

    Yeah, really — I didn’t enter this tourney to end up not first, haha — but here we are, fighting for bronze. I have to retroactively commend the Nigerian side for their play last match. as we’ve seen in the US’ last game: in football nothing can surmount a perfect team effort from the opposition. and maybe just like the US we did not have the formative experience team-wise to convert in extra time, especially against such a side. I think we kept possession and attacked more than the US did. However, I think this cup is Nigeria’s again.

    I have to really commend Iran for their performances up here — I don’t think I would have gotten out of the group much less made it here had I played tracks like they did with the opposition I had — but the Swiss and S.Korea are no countries to just dismiss, especially the latter, who I had sort of pegged to win. I even voted Iran over England, but we all know how that went. So I’m glad I get to try my hand at a defense many could not pierce through. Hopefully this is a track that can do the trick.

  3. 3
    Kat but logged out innit on 4 Jul 2014 #

    Great play from both teams but Chile get the nod from me with a couple of early goals. I’m sure I’m not alone in that I don’t want this tournament to end – it’s been a classic!

  4. 4
    Tonya on 4 Jul 2014 #

    Is FIFA running this voting? The first time I’ve seen this post I and it says I’ve already voted. I probably would’ve voted for Chile anyway but I’d at least like the option not to!

  5. 5
    jeff w on 5 Jul 2014 #

    That’s happened to me a couple of times too (though not today), usually when using library computers – maybe the IP address is recognised? One successful solution was to come at the post via an alternate route, e.g. a tag.

    Iran track lovely, but feeling Chile this evening (warm as it is outside *bdoom tish*) so that gets my vote.

  6. 6
    Chelovek na lune on 8 Jul 2014 #

    This one goes all the way to the penalty shootout… High quality play, but in very contrasting styles that improve as the game goes on. Chile just about swing it, with the melody and those vocals tapping in the sixth penalty, by which time Iran have become just a wee bit too hypnotic and tied up in the groove than to outwit the goalie.

    But: really, either of these would have been worthy final contenders.

  7. 7
    Garry on 9 Jul 2014 #

    Close, very close, and I can’t split them. Chile has been my favourite team of this tournament, and Iran has grown on me since late in the group stages. In the end I have to give the vote to Chile because lartsaegis said some really nice things about me Cote D’Ivoire team. Flimsy excuse but I can only vote for one. I hope this ends all-square and they share the bronze.

  8. 8
    lonepilgrim on 9 Jul 2014 #

    one of the most elegant matches of the tournament with each team gracefully caressing the ball – a draw would be fair but I’m voting for Chile for the variety of little dinks and passes although Iran’s interplay is mesmerising

  9. 9
    lartsaegis on 10 Jul 2014 #

    I’d like to thank those who voted us into third place. To go from not even getting out of group four years ago to landing at the gates of the highest level of international pop football just shows how much Chilean music has grown into its own for all the world to see. If the next manager plays their cards right, the title should be cut out for them, as I’ve no doubt the quality will continue. Good luck, from me to you. I couldn’t ask for a better first pop football team.

  10. 10
    Tom on 11 Jul 2014 #

    Well done lartsaegis, consolations to Wichita Lineman, but congratulations to both of you for beating 2010’s Third Place Match votes total at least!

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