“Without Me” is sadly not Eminem’s self-obsessed answer to Harry Nilsson’s “Without You” – though like most Eminem tracks it is stupendously self-obsessed. And like “The Real Slim Shady” this is yet again another attempt to engage in the media discussion on how controversial he is. Except, the version I heard anyway, was easily the least shocking thing he has ever recorded. It had no swearing in it,and no obvious edits in it. Is this some form of irony strewn work where he says he is the most controversial thing since Elvis (possibly correct but an oddly tame boast); nowhere in the song does he threaten to rape or murder anyone. The closest he gets to a personal insult is suggesting that Moby might a bit old. Its a fun song, the chorus is catchy enough and the production follows down the electro line that D12’s last album dabbled in. But I’ll tell you now – its no focus group winner.

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