Whot a GRATE festival lineup!!! Guns’n’Roses, THE STREETS (be still my beating heart swoon I wonder whot his star sign is), Andrew W(ic)K(ed), and ‘Rival Schools’ on the New Bands Stage! Could it be the Tompauling fest of Glasters?? The smashing new promised lineup for Reading and Leeds?? No!!! It’s in sockfarming JAPAN. Well thanks UK bookers. But at least we get the Dandy Warhols!! (Oh scrolling down I see the Streets (be still my beating heart, when will he be MINE), Andrew WK and G’n’R are playing there as well. Oh well. Ok then well… gah!!! Carling?!?! Be-ARDing, more like. (Must read articles before I get worked about them some day).