Over on Pop Matters, a well written and argued piece on why NWA are the second most influential band in history. The whole piece is perhaps too overblown as if Shan Fowler really does not think anyone is going to agree with him. I was halfway there when I saw the idea of the project. What would otherwise be quite a dry, historical piece is enlivened no end by the personal reminiscences. The paragraph on “extreme bowling” is hilarious, but I particularly like his definition of dangerous music. A piece of dangerous muisc is one that he would get into trouble with his parents for listening to when he was fourteen. That is a definition which makes perfect sense.

Thinking about influence I could only dredge up a few bands who could really be called influential at all. And as with NWA, and The Beatles – most of these influential bands have been a lousy influence on others.

(I’ve not been over to Pop Matters before and while a lot of it seems review-centric I learnt at least one other great fact this afternoon.That after Bob Mould gave up “white-boy rock music” he spent seven months as a fight and story producer in pro-wrestling – deciding who would win and lose. Though Moulds whiny attitude even makes this sound like no fun.)