DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL – “Screaming Infidelities”

A couple of years ago, this song would have found its niche on a Post Marked Stamps record. Put amidst the, um, inspired yelping and yawping of his peers, this quite coffee-shop-talk emerges from the pit sans boot massage. Stacked up against the TRL heavy-hitters, though, all that sensitivity goes straight into the closet with the rest of the poems and the art projects. This is a straight-up booty call for the backpack set – yeah, sure, seeing your lover leave you 50 ways is tough, but it’s the lovin’, not the person, that you’re going to miss. It’s refreshing to hear an emo song cut through the whinging and whispering and talk about what truly matters – “I wish that I was anywhere…with anyone…making out…”

Gentlemen, start your engines!